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AyDo™ Air Safe

Living in big cities has become a more harmful way of life for people every day.
Weather; Fossil fuels are constantly polluted by the use of natural gas, coal and petroleum fuels by all kinds of motor vehicles, by the chimneys of the industrial zones surrounding the cities, by the mixing of pesticides and other chemicals into the air, by the gases released by long-haul airplanes, and is a necessary condition for a healthy and clean breath that sustains life. oxygen is decreasing.

 Although air pollution is an issue that escapes our attention, it is a particularly noteworthy issue in large cities where pollution is intense.

The thinning of the ozone layer, global warming with the greenhouse effect, the occurrence of numerous types of diseases in humans, animals and plants, the negative impact of the world's food resources, the change in sea level, the emergence of unusual weather conditions and the damage to the ecosystem in general...

All this is due to general pollution, of which air pollution has a significant share, and we need to take urgent and decisive action regarding this situation we are facing.

People fill their lungs with incredible amounts of many kinds of toxic substances in the air, especially in big cities. This situation adds a new factor to the factors that shorten human lifespan. Because the human body and other living systems were not created to cope with such a poison, and the air pollution caused by these poisons causes a very rapid cell destruction.

Besides these factors that impair human health, the sky of cities and nearby areas becomes denser and highly positively ionized. This positive ionization is one reason why weather conditions deteriorate and unexpected rains occur that sometimes turn into acid rains or devastating floods.

This air pollution, which returns to the earth as snow and acid rain, causes rust and corrosion on statues and buildings, damage to agricultural crops, and making lakes and streams unsuitable places for fish and other aquatic life to live, in addition to its bad effects on human life.
Clearing our air with a real and lasting solution is an urgent need for the continued evolution and development of the human race. If we can't find a solution to the air pollution problem and we don't make conscious efforts to clean the air, we will condemn ourselves to destruction.

In some countries, serious awareness-raising activities have been carried out since 1970, and in 1988, international agreements were signed in order to eliminate or reduce the factors causing air pollution, to prevent pollution completely and for countries to take joint actions in this regard.

However, the growing world population, the difficulty of implementing decisions at the same time all over the world, and the high costs of tackling air pollution that third world countries cannot afford, compel us to find a solution that can be used by everyone and easily implemented.

Bringing the environment back to the way it was before the world was polluted and damaged seems like a very distant and hard-to-reach goal, but transforming pollution into a useful substance for the world is possible with the solution that Mr. Ayhan DOYUK presented to us today. For this purpose, we need to put into practice appropriate systems to live in a world where there is no air pollution anymore, in the light of the knowledge and experience we have learned from the mistakes we have made so far.

Mr. Ayhan DOYUK, in the field of air pollution, a system has been developed for us under the name of AyDo™ World Projects Celaning Air Safe, which contains enough oxygen as required by quality air, allows breathing pure and clean air and meets the clean air needs of humans, animals and plants.

AyDo™ Water SIW Air Rehabilitation Systems are designed and produced in different types and scales as small, medium and industrial. AyDo™ Water SIW Air Rehabilitation Systems take in indoor polluted air and rehabilitate it in four stages. Air cells are cleaned by first reducing inorganic compounds in the air, then organic compounds and then microbiological compounds to amino acids. Finally, the air cells are enriched with oxygen and returned to the environment. Since the circulation process continues at a certain speed, it is ensured that the indoor air remains clean and of high quality.

This emergency of our planet reminds us that we need to fight this problem, its roots and its effects as soon as possible from all fronts.

There is no aspect of the problem that we cannot take seriously and it needs to be dealt with and tackled from all aspects.

Mr. Ayhan Doyuk offers us the real solution to our environmental problems and we now have this solution ready for use.


(In Mines and Industrial Facilities)

AyDo™ Water SIW Air Safe is the only product on earth that has the features of preventing possible fires and eliminating the risk of explosion by absorbing the gases formed, especially in our Coal Mines. It purifies and cleans the dust and smoke resulting from coal combustion.

Two separate AyDo™ Water SIW products are used in the mines, AyDo™ Water SIW Flame Safe and AyDo™ Water SIW Air Safe.

During these processes, depending on the type and quality of the coal, the sulfur and sulfur ratios are significantly reduced. The calorific value of this new solid fuel will be much higher than its original state, and its soot and smoke will be much less than before. For this reason, it will no longer harm the environment and living things while being used.

AyDo™ Water Air Safe envelops suspended particles in industrial facilities, mines, etc., lowering them to the ground and rendering them harmless, while quickly making the air in the environment clean and breathable.

In addition, AyDo™ Water SIW Air Safe, which can be applied to all kinds of chimney outlets and smoke centers, can remove burnt coal dusts, etc. harmful to the environment and living things. surrounds the items.

Intense smoke and air pollution over the living areas, especially in areas where coal is intensely burned, emphasizes the necessity of taking serious precautions against this problem.


It provides the clean air need of all kinds of indoor spaces (underground, aboveground, submarine).


No animals were harmed during the development of our products.

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We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk