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Fire Extinguisher

  Fire types:

They are fires of organic origin. When burned, they form substances that leave ash. Wood, coal, paper, grass, cellulose, rubber, textile products, plastic etc.
These are fuel-based fires. These are fires caused by liquid flammable materials. Gasoline, benzol, diesel, fuel-oil, mineral oils, varnish, paint, thinner, alcohol, acetone, etc.
Gas fires. These are fires caused by flammable gas and liquefied gaseous substances under pressure. Gases, methane, hydrogen, acetylene, lpg, natural gas etc.
They are metal-based fires. They are fires caused by light metals. Titanium, uranium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, aluminum, magnesium etc.
Electrical fires. Electric transformer, panel etc.
Vegetable and animal cooking oils and fires caused by oils. Class F flammable materials cannot be interfered with with water in any way because they cause flashing and explosions when they come into contact with water.

AyDo™ Water SIW special formula is produced in two different features in effective fight against all fire types.

Oil Safe

 When dealing with fire we need to face the Fire Triangle:

    H2 (hydrogen)                            C (Carbon)                           O2 (Oxygen)

-   What starts the ignition and producing the flames is Hydrogen.

-   Carbon is what burns, and afterwards become ashes.

-   And Oxygen is what reinforces the combustion.

 The fire retardants used nowadays, act on the oxygen. They are based on the principle that if the oxygen is cut, the fire is cut, eliminating the triangle of fire. It’s not an easy task, because if there is oxygen, the fire cannot be cut. And the oxygen cannot be easily blocked because it is present in our entire atmosphere.

Now when AyDoTM Water SIW Flame Safe Formula is atomized, it encapsulates the hydrogen in a matter of seconds. It blocks and separates the oxygen from the carbon and creates a protective film that wraps the carbon, transforming it into non-flammable in front of the hydrogen.

Therefore we have that the hydrogen is being separated; the carbon is not flammable anymore, thus it precipitates without being burned; the oxygen remains separated, and with it the fire is extinguished.

This is the technique used in our AyDoTM SIW Flame Safe System: for extinguishing fire with our AyDoTM SIW Fire Extinguishers, and protecting any absorbing materials from fire with our AyDoTM SIW Flame Safe.

Benefits of the AyDoTM Flame Safe System:

- With AyDoTM Water SIW Flame Safe System, the flames can be sprayed at, from much greater distance than the conventional foams, using standard water hoses/pipes.

- Our Fire Safe System doesn't require special equipment to combine specific proportions of materials with air.

- It reacts within half of a second producing a thin film over the flammable material, thus eliminating the possibility of re-ignition.

- Detergent based foams are known to be toxic and to leave detrimental residues, however our system, is nature’s friend. It is harmless to all living creatures and further more it produces organic fertilizers, which aid the forest in establishing itself again.

- Because of its anti-corrosive properties, it never causes any destructive actions on materials and mechanical devices at fire sites, where sensitive and valuable machinery may be used.

- It covers chemically active and inflammable materials, as well as gunpowder, thus preventing the remaining flammable items from igniting again. It also chemically absorbs any potential gases that may emerge and any explosive properties of these materials.

- Can be easily used on all kinds of petroleum and petrochemicals. This property was successfully tested during its use on petroleum fires in Kuwait.

- During the application of classical methods to extinguish petroleum and petrochemical fires, it is first recommended to cool the fire, then to sediment explosive masses. However due to the re-explosion of the hydrocarbons, this resulted in both failure to extinguish the fire and the placement of the personnel and materials in perilous situations. It is well known that during these kinds of fires the explosions cause 90% of the damage. But when the AyDoTM SIW Flame Safe System is applied, all of the explosive vapor masses are completely covered and prevented from the possibility of re-explosion. This extinguishing action is achieved by spraying the formula from airplanes specially equipped for forest fires.

- Our formulation, together with activated water allows all the flammable and explosive gases to be encapsulated, thus preventing the production of dangerous vapors. All damage could have been avoided if our formula was applied prior to the explosions.

- Our AyDoTM SIW Flame Safe System stops all emissions of harmful gases and smog produced in the burning area and its subsequently mixing with the air.

- The use of this solution with fire-fighting vehicles and planes is ultimately simple, effective and very economical. There is no need to use any additional systems or equipments in order to use the Fire Safe System with any fire-fighting vehicle.


Commercial packaging is in the form of a 1,000 Liter IBC tank.

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No organisms have been harmed during the development of our products.

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