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Mr.Ayhan DOYUK Message

 Today is a critically important moment in the history of creation. And, it is a moment of new hope for our world because AYDO™ World Projects System is offering a real solution which is capable of eliminating all pollution on Earth. The dream that has been held for so long in our hearts – the possibility to correct our mistakes and to restore the balance on Earth that we have broken, and thus to experience a pristine planet is now in our hands to be fulfilled.

With these new permanent solutions to our environmental problems, land fields can be decontaminated, water can be purified, toxic wastes can be rendered harmless, and desert and arid soil can be transformed into lush and productive land. All kinds of fires including forest fires, can be quickly brought under control, extinguished, and better yet, they can even be prevented and the wildlife that is devastated by fire can be helped to quickly re-flourish again.

Are you one of those who wish and dream this planetary restoration?

Are you one of those who sustain in their heart the permanent desire for a world plentiful with Light and Life?

Are you one of those who are ready to take the necessary actions, according to your level of responsibility and possibilities?

If it is so, ...... do you accept that solutions exist in our Universe to correct the mistakes and damage that humankind has made to the planet and to all the life-streams in it, in its evolutionary process from ignorance to consciousness?.

Can you believe and accept that these solutions are a reality Here and Now?

Do you open your heart to accept, receive and apply these solutions?

We already did and today we are offering them to all humankind.

If you have in you the strength, the power of decision and action, and the possibilities to make it real in your world, contact us directly at

AYDO™ World Projects System.

Join us, because only together we can make it possible.

In Service sincerely yours,


AYDO™ World Projects System






We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk