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Precedents & Visions

From time immemorial humankind was evolving to its rhythm in Harmony with all elemental life in nature. Even if the history of the human civilization on the planet is plentiful of continuous wars and senseless destruction, nature was always able to renew herself and to maintain the ecological balance, re-flourishing life again time after time in perfect synchronization.

However, after the discovery of petroleum in the year 1857 in one of the provinces of United States of America, a new epoch began. An epoch of industrialization that started to spew out its filthy poison into Mother Nature. This filth was originally formed from hydrocarbons.

With the passing of the years, the industry grew, becoming more diversified and specialized day-by-day, leaving behind a blueprint of death, contamination and destruction.

At the beginning, nobody believed that nature would be unable to transform this new form of pollution as she always had been able to do. And nobody realized that we were altering the regular process of regular evolution.

Hydrocarbons, as originally present on Earth, are the result of a process of transformation of energy within the eternal cycle of death and rebirth that constantly manifests Life. They are a process of fossilization, and need millions of years to be naturally transformed into a new form of life. But when man discovered petroleum and started to use it, he altered that regular process, unknowingly making a gap that nature is unable to afford, since she has her own harmonic rhythm in the beautiful symphony of Creation and that rhythm cannot be altered without chaotic consequences.

First, the destruction caused by petrochemical materials polluted the water in the rivers, lakes and seas, affecting the creatures living there, diminishing the quality and quantity of life in Earth’s aquatic environments and then reverberating throughout the whole life chain, destroying its natural ecological balance.

Parallel to this, the soil started to retain all kinds of toxic materials and poisonous matter, becoming unfruitful, dry and unable to restore by itself, having lost its capability of self-sustenance and renovation.

With the fast career of industrialization, our air also became more rare every second, until the ozone layer was reached, thinned and pierced.

At the end of the chain, human beings were touched. Our average Life span was shortened, innumerable diseases appeared, genetic degeneration and weakness started to be transmitted. Humans were left with no solutions in the face of the pollution, seeing how it was completely out of their control, and how this system was deviating far away from the System of Creation.

Thus, in 1987, during the International United Council Habitat I Summit City, an official document with the code 44/228 reported that the world’s ecological balance had been destroyed, and that to renew it, we would need new technologies.

27 years ago, in the ‘80s, Mr. Ayhan Doyuk was completely aware of the real dimension of this problem that is menacing the early extinction to the Planet. He started to feel the need to find the solution and accepted this challenge as his duty: how to change this path of destruction into a path of restoration, turning dreams and hopes for a new life into an available reality for humanity.

For a long time, many groups and individuals had been working to raise the vibration of the planet in preparation for this new time, but it was necessary to find the solution to work on the physical levels and that was what Mr. Doyuk did.

So, after all these years of research and developments, Mr. Doyuk is offering the result of his work, announcing the fulfillment of his part, and presenting a world of solutions through a AyDo™ Water SIW based formula which is able to solve our present problem of contamination and the diminishment of life on Earth.

We cannot see it through the eyes of the past. We cannot judge it, or pretend to understand it with that which is known to be knowledge. We cannot frame it within the limitations of known concepts, values or meanings of known science. But, we can receive the benefits of its action, we can accept it, we can see and prove the results, and ... we can open our hearts and minds to a new and hopeful future.... right now.

It is real, it is possible, and it is true!

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We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk