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Natural Spring Liquid Salt

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Natural Source Liquid Salt consists of 84% sodium chloride and the remaining 16% is composed of natural minerals such as lithium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, calcium and vanadium. All elements (84 elements) are present in Natural Source Liquid Salt except for the gaseous gases from 94 elements in nature. The human body consists of 84 elements, such as Natural Salt. So Natural Salt can supply all of our mineral needs! There is no accurate source of natural minerals other than natural salt. These minerals are also found in spring water and mineral waters and are very important for our health. In Texas, it was found that murder, theft, robbery, rape and suicide were more common in the regions where lithium-poor waters were drunk. That is why ”natural-unprocessed salts“ and ”refined white salts“ are not alike.

Because the body perceives the refined salt as an aggressive poison, it wants to discard the consumed refined salt in order to protect itself, and therefore the excessive consumption and consumption of the excess salt is a significant burden and pressure on the entire excretion system. In this case, refined salt causes excess water accumulation (edema) in our body which can lead to heart failure. This is one of the main reasons of cellulite, one of the most important complaints of women.





Commercial packaging is in the form of a 1,000 Liter IBC tank.

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Refined salt, which cannot be removed from the body, is recrystallized and stored directly in the joints and bones. Refined salt is one of the important causes of gallbladder and kidney stone formation with various kinds of rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, gout. The recrystallization storage solution causes diseases in the medium to long term, but is the only solution available to the body to prevent the acute damage to the excessive amount of refined salt that it is unable to remove. So the damage is spread over time.

Many physicians recommend a diet with reduced salt in each treatment, whether or not the patient is in the treatment and prevention of hypertension. At first glance, salt restriction in patients with blood pressure seems to be very accurate. Because the amount of salt circulating in our blood increases, this excess salt in the cell pulls water on its side, the amount of fluid in the vein increases, which increases blood pressure. But the truth is not that simple. Dayalı Salt raises the blood pressure a is based on a very flat logic. Because our body is not a closed system. We have kidneys, when we drink enough water, excess salt is discarded.

If there is salt in our body, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone hormone system is activated. This hormone system reduces the loss of sodium in the urine by contracting all of our vessels, including the kidneys. So if we consume the salt less, our veins shrink, this shrinkage salt, but also raises our blood pressure!

Lack of salt can lead to anorexia, lack of concentration, lack of attention, fatigue, headache, sleep disorders, burnout sensation, deterioration of mouth taste, feeling of thirst, falling and fractures. Many people may have these symptoms, but they are often rarely attributed to salt deficiency ...

Many elderly patients are called not to go out in hot weather because they may faint and have a heart attack if they are taking salt restrictions. 29% of the runners in the 2002 Boston Marathon have been found to have low salt. Of course, this is reflected in their performance. In such challenging activities, salt must also be taken with water. Taking less salt also increases bone fractures and bone resorption.

Natural Source Liquid Salt is also natural SOLE. A mixture of water and crystal salt is called Sole. Left Latin means sun. Sole is nothing but the liquidized state of sunlight. When the water is combined with the salt, the positive ions of the salt surround the negative ions of the water, and the positive ions of the water encircle the negative ions of the salt. As a result, ions are hydrolyzed. During this process, the geometric structure of salt and water changes and a completely new three-dimensional structure is formed. This is neither water nor salt. This crystal structure has the same resonance frequency and vibration pattern as nature. In case of illness, man needs this energy and vibration. Sole increases the conductivity of the body, converts the body pH to the alkaline side and helps the elimination of heavy metals. Also it is very good for itching and insect or fly bites.

No living creatures were harmed during the development process of our products.

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