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At the present moment and after many years of research, experiences and development done by Mr. Ayhan Doyuk, a new step forward is been taken by him, corresponding with this particularly special time on Earth, opening up a whole new world of solutions and possibilities to bring hope and rebirth to the planet to reverse all the processes of environmental death created by mankind through the misuse of energy and technology, and to transform the pollution created from petrochemicals and hydrocarbons.

Now a new “umbrella” of actions is been launched, creating a new integrative system of solutions that can restore in beauty and harmony the lost natural order, that enable all life-streams to live according to the highest levels of ecological balance and energetic equilibrium. Humanity can now look to the future with all the possibilities at hand.

AYDO™ World Projects is the umbrella that is holding the different individual systems created by Mr. Ayhan Doyuk to bring a permanent solution to each particular environmental problem in the safest way possible to resolve it, considering all the wide range of the life on this planet.

We kindly invite you to explore this web site, to get the general vision of us, to obtain the basic information needed for everyone: Governmental Personalities, World Institutions, Ecological and Environmental Organizations, Scientific and Educational Communities, and Private Sectors from all over the world, who are concerned with the real transformation of our environmental problems with permanent and friendly solutions for the aggressive contamination and its consequences in human and animal life. Within these pages you will find the true vision and goals about the world of possibilities we are offering, waiting for you to serve you to the best of our ability.

This website is managed by Mr. Ayhan Doyuk and his team in order to announce the developments to you and to carry out our projects together, and all its content is copyrighted. It is legally protected under international law against copying, plagiarism, adulteration or duplication.

Sincerely yours,
AYDO™ World Projects




We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk