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Lake & Pond Water Maintenance and Cleaning

    The chemical cleaning of water, which is the main element for sustaining life on Earth in the entire cycle of nature, is an extremely important and sensitive issue, and we need to understand the effect of AyDo™ Water SIW correctly when addressing this issue.

   People are yet to grasp the true effects of the situation. However, water is polluted daily all over the world and this pollution negatively affects all living systems. When we look at the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes or large bodies of water, we do not realize that we are actually destroying them. Generally, when people look at such large areas, they continue to pour all kinds of dirt and waste materials into the water at any moment with peace of mind, with the misconception that all the pollution inside them can somehow be transformed and destroyed.

    Especially in ponds, lakes and dams, that is, water that is prevented from flowing by being accumulated and prevented from making spiral movements that give vitality and vitality to the water becomes a death reservoir instead of being a carrier of life. When toxic substances that cannot be recycled by nature are added to this water in incredible proportions, the result we get will be that a liquid full of death evaporates together with the toxic substances in it with the sun's rays, mixing with the clouds and raining on us. This rain water is no longer healthy and clean water capable of nourishing the soil and crops, but a toxic substance that is increasing and spreading on the earth.
    The oil layers accumulated on the water both prevent the sun's rays from entering the depths of the water by reflecting them back, and also cause the water to heat up because the water cannot get enough air. As it is known, the oxygen in the heated water decreases significantly. When the oxygen decreases and the sun's rays cannot reach the depths, the underwater vegetation cannot maintain its vitality. This situation directly negatively affects all life forms in the water, causing irreversible destruction of living life.
    It is very important to ensure the ecological balance of water, which is one of the most important complements of nature, in the most correct way, and while doing this work, simultaneous media-supported training is needed.

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 In summary, AyDo™ Water SIW;

It takes care of healthy, environmentally friendly and chlorine-free fish, aquatic plants and lake water.
It provides water maintenance and algae control in lakes & ponds and large aquariums.
It cleans, clarifies and purifies the lake & pond water from harmful substances.
It prevents the development of mobile and rooted wire algae and bottom algae.
It neutralizes all kinds of organic or inorganic harmful substances in polluted waters and purifies them from dirt.
It provides the pH balance in the water.
It takes care of aquatic fish and aquatic plants.

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No living creatures were harmed during the development process of our products.




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