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Mr.Ayhan DOYUK

 To define Mr. Doyuk is not an easy task, as it requires to talk simultaneously about science, philosophy, materialism and spiritualism, all in the same time. This condition gives him the dimension of a holistic human being. In him these aspects are part of a totality that is in a constant movement of exchange and enrichment, moment by moment. His science and knowledge gives him the tools to make his spirituality, a practical path to create a better living; his spirituality gives to science a new vision, dimension and approach to a different and deeper understanding about the reality of the Existence; his philosophy gives simple answers to the questions of the complex mind of mankind; and his materialism gives the guide lines about how to materialize all that knowledge as the physical aspect of the Unknown.

 In Mr. Doyuk’s case it is almost impossible to separate these aspects because it will be like taking only a part of him, and with a part it is impossible to dimension his totality and his discovery and offer to the world.

   Inside him are melted together the practical knowledge and the invisible perception what makes him a wise man.

 With this science, the human kind can find solutions how to resolve physically the problems that have been generated because of their unconsciousness. With his invisible perception, he can foresee the solutions needed to resolve the practical problems on time, accordingly to what the future needs to bring us.

 His wisdom is giving him a different understanding of the reality, making him “know” the science from a much deeper point of view. This wisdom is going from the most infinite small particle to the biggest concepts of our Universe. His life has been dedicated completely to the development of his “water” that today due to his latest research is called AyDo™  Water SIW . This is part of the accomplishment of his duty and his effort without rest in his search for the real solutions that could make of this planet a better place to live.

 His job is his duty, his dedication is his joy and his life is his mission. The best way to know him is to be in touch with his discovery and to see it act in reality. The results, at the end are the most important.

 AyDo SIW is his science, and the hope for this planet. This hope makes it today again possible to dream about a future world with a beautiful restored nature that can benefit all of us who live in it.


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We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk