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AyDo™ World Projects

Many years ago, Mr.  Doyuk began with the great task of starting to realize, one of the most ambitious projects, that was urgently required for the planet and the whole human kind, but simultaneously, one of the most difficult to achieve:

The restoration of the ecological balance in nature lost by the excessive and uncontrolled contamination, which had been originated by the accumulation of organic as well as inorganic residuals.

This contamination is not only affecting the Earth life, but it also threatens to affect, in a disquieting way, outside the limits of our terrestrial atmosphere.

At that time, to speak of this threat was something still distant, since the effects and sequels of the contamination had not been so evident and catastrophic as now.

Nevertheless, his investigation, tenacity and indefatigable work bring him to find and to develop a solution for such problems. The years have passed and his voice of alert has crossed the whole planet, announcing the imminent necessity to implant solutions that in a permanent way resolve the severe crisis that the humanity faces, and that worsens every day.

During his journey, the obstacles found on his path have been many, and a lot of efforts without resting have been set. But the results of his perseverance have come, shaping them step by step, at the same rhythm as he has been conquering the stages needed to be able to offer to the world, the benefits of his discoveries.

Now, after a long process in synchronization with his rhythm of development and investigation, he has created AyDo WORLD PROJECTS, the fulcrum where his visions together with the application to the reality were fused.

At this time he also developed the web site: https://www.aydointernational.com , in which the creation of this world of solutions, organized under systems, one for each area, is detailed.

His work has been constant, like his line of investigation, in order to find every moment the required solution. In this sense, and observing that the contamination levels every time are increasing, he developed AyDoWater SIW . It is the answer for the nature that is showing in an absolutely evident way, the signals of its ecological imbalance, thus demanding forceful actions for the correction of it.

Today that other step is also a reality. Proof of it, is the product range that nowadays is already in production and which we offer through the web site: http://www.ayhandoyuk.com.tr  Solutions and answers that will be able to remedy the problems caused by the contamination and that are destroying our Planet at a high rate, and therefore shortening the existence of the human life on it.

But there is another step more to be done: that we all must contribute to bring it into reality. That is his greater dream... and ours from the AyDo World Projects Team: to create a level of consciousness, to love life instead of destroying it, that we protect it instead of depredating it, that we maintain it in true state of freedom, respect and harmony as life was once created.

AyDo™ World  Projects





We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk