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The Bases Of Our Technology

This universal, vivifying and bio-sustaining substance - Water as a physical element - is the mediator between life and death, illness and health, wholeness and nothingness. It is the TMcarrier and the keeper of our AyDo™ Water SIW, which is made through a mechanical, physical and energetic method.

This Water is the base (up to 97%) for each product designed to cover each specific range of action where it must perform, in order to achieve its main goal: eliminate hydrocarbon pollution and to transform it into bio-nutrients and fatty acids; and to reach the second goal as well: encapsulate all inorganic contamination rendering them harmless. Our Solution, the AyDo™ Water SIW is a substance in intimate relation with life. For instance it is not an isolated element chaotically added or poured in the waters, soils, air, etc., to solve eventually one problem. It is a friendly matter that can react with other molecules transforming them and sharing with them the same information it carries: Life. Even after its action is completed, it continues to keep the same information of Life, without any change. Its structure is amazingly strong and at the same time amazingly combinable:

The Perfect Solvent, AyDo™ Water SIW.

It contains suspensions of minerals – colloids - with a high proportion of carbon and silicates. It is the perfect structure to sustain and promote life as it can be demonstrated by microscopic photography.


The three pictures on the left of our AyDo™ Water SIW were taken with an electronic microscope. They show its bio-energetic patterns as well as the crystallization forms.

To understand the two characteristics of its structure - high resistance and high adaptability - we need to look at and comprehend its form and energy. Below, in these pictures taken with a Kirlian camera, we can see the difference between the energy fields of the regular tap water, as compared to the water (tap water or spring water) that is blended with our AyDo™ Water SIW:  

Spring Water mixed with AYDO™ Water SIW

         Tap Water                        

Tap Water mixed with AYDO™ Water SIW ile

It has been said that water is a chemical product formed by two simple elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen. Its formula is also very simple – H2O - but its structure is much more complex. When it is in its liquid form, it is a dynamic element in constant movement like life itself. Its hydrogen is easily adaptable, forming strong bonds with other elements, which at the same time are fragile enough to be broken easily and to recombine again and again. Once our AyDo™ Water adjusted to each specific use for waters, soils, air or fire, or as a cleaning agent (household or industrial), human care or animal care, is applied to solve the specific problem, it scans the pollution that is present, and immediately begins the process of transformation of the hydrocarbons into bio-nutrients and amino acids, and the encapsulation of heavy metals and other toxic elements.

So, the best quality spring water is the carrier of our essential solution, and the resultant is the AyDo™ Water SIW, which is a Water amazingly energized, with the unique and particular characteristic of going inside the molecules of hydrocarbon, breaking down the bond between carbon and hydrogen, and liberating the atoms of both elements, which recombine again, and produce different bio-chemical reactions.

One of the results of this transformation is the recovery of the water, wherever it is present, from a dead element into an alive and energized one, completely free of pollution and “breathing” again. After 21 days the process is completed, recycling all contaminants contained in it, rendering it 100% purified.

Then the levels of COD and BOD reach measurements very close to 0.

This resultant H2O is pure water again which is able to recombine itself, as it is naturally supposed to do as an original healthy element, in a constant process of creation and re-creation, transforming everything it touches. So, it is able again to capture Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide from the air, and from the soil it takes Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, Sodium, and some other minerals in minor quantities. After the process is finished, the increase of Oxygen inside the water is measurable at levels up to 60 - 70%, and as a resultant of the opening of the tight net of contamination, a percentage of 25.5 to 30% of the Oxygen in the air is also incorporated into waters and soils by the natural process of “breathing” of all elements when natural balance is present. During all this reaction, the molecule of water is playing a very important role. Thus the Hydrogen that is partially liberated, due to its characteristic tendency, goes into the atmosphere. Depending on the particular characteristic and specific weight of the matter to be transformed, it is both suspended and easily recuperated for further uses, or it is precipitated, remaining there as bio-nutrients. This process is easily observable and explainable when we treat polluted waters. The same occurs with soils, fires and air but it is not as easily visible as in the water treatment process. However, it is the same principle, since water and our AyDo™ Water SIW will perform always the same.


The following graphics illustrate this process:

Once the AyDo™ Water SIW- enters in contact with the contaminated water, it breaks down all carbon bonds in the hydrocarbon structures. Many chemical re-arrangements take place. The most remarkable: Hydrogen and Oxygen are liberated to the atmosphere; Carbon is precipitated and transformed into bio-nutrients. Other inorganic elements and heavy metals are encapsulated becoming not harmful anymore. Water becomes crystal clear and is able to sustain life again. The contamination encapsulated or transformed can be forced to sediment or to float in order to make it easier for its recollection.

The strands of the structures of the different molecules present in the environment thathasbeen treated become expanded, in contrast to the tight structure that occurs when contamination is present. Other results of this expansion process are: 

  • Heavy metals and other harmful chemical compounds are encapsulated and precipitated rendering them harmless. 
  • Other organic compounds are transformed into bio-nutrients, the natural fertilizers.
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses are also encapsulated and isolated, dying in time, because they are unable to parasite the Sodium molecules.

 When the contamination by hydrocarbons is present, the bonds between the molecules are too tight, creating a dense net, which is capturing other elements. This net creates harmful toxicity, killing the OXYGEN and for instance the LIFE, because the nature is unable to breath.


When our AyDo™ Water SIW is applied, the bonds in between the molecules are expanded. The net of contamination is been opened and pierced, and immediately all elements trapped in there causing toxicity, are liberated. For example Ammonium and Nitrogen. Water is able to perform again its natural and constant exchange with other elements in air and soil. The transformation of hydrocarbons and the encapsulation process already started. Nature is breathing again.








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