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Organic Washing Fluid


Some features of the ecological water-based AyDo™ Organic Wash Fluid used in car wash are as follows.

    The product is water-based, organic, ecological, economical, high quality and domestic production, whose production is entirely our own.
    The product is water-based and 100% biodegradable, and there are no substances that will harm the environment.
    It does not have any of its toxic, carcinogenic, corrosive and flammable-flammable properties, and these properties are clearly seen in the MSDS form.
    It has antirust, anticorrosive and ecological properties.
    The product can be applied easily, quickly and very simply, and it does not corrode the applied area.
    It does not contain any toxic or carcinogenic substances related to the health of the personnel who will use the product, and there is no harm in the skin contact or
    inhalation of the product.

    The product can be easily applied by spraying with pressure or by applying with a sponge/brush and washing, no additional cleaning materials are needed. (polish, polisher,

    It provides a partial repellency on the applied material, therefore it protects the applied material from adverse external conditions for a while.
    It does not damage metals, plastic parts and paint, it should not have abrasive properties.
    Bird droppings, moss, blackening, mold, oil etc. on the applied surfaces. easily removes impurities.
    The product is manufactured as a concentrated ready-to-use solution and delivered in 25L (30kg) plastic drums.




Commercial packaging is in the form of a 1,000 Liter IBC tank.

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