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Possibilities Of The Technology

  Mr.Doyuk is using AyDo™ Water SIW as a base for the product manufacturing of cleaning agents, environmental treatments, agriculture, animal care, and natural cosmetics for the body wellness. In these cases he adds to AyDo™ Water SIW other substances selected carefully by him for their specific purposes.

  The finished products are those that we present here in this web site. The extraordinary quality, efficiency, biodegradability, the environmental friendliness and respect, as well as the security in their use is such, that it turns them into unique products world wide. When the AyDo™ Water SIW does not contain any other added substances; it is then when we have the perfect water for the human consumption. It contributes to the daily diet, with the water of excellent quality that the human body requires for its correct balance in its organic functioning.


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We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
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Ayhan Doyuk