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Exterior Wash

The exteriors of very valuable buildings, which are our historical, religious and cultural heritage, are covered with various pollutions due to natural conditions over time.
With the AyDo™ SIW exterior washing formula, it can be used as scaffolding etc. to buildings. You
can easily get rid of dirt, algae and mold by just spraying without the need to install additional installations.

  •     Thanks to the nano-film layer formed on the surfaces cleaned with AyDo™ SIW exterior washing, the structure will maintain its cleanliness for a long time.
  •     All of our products can be applied directly to the contamination by hand if necessary. There is no side effect in skin contact.
  •     It is applied by mixing with water and spraying on places that cannot be reached by hand.
  •     It immediately removes the impurities formed on the material without rubbing, without causing any damage to the structures.
  •     It is not abrasive.
  •     It is a product that respects the environment and nature.
  •     All kinds of organic - inorganic dirts, stains, rusts, which adhere to the surfaces of marble, stone or metal art structures, tiles and ceramics, sculptures, water pipes,  
        water tanks, taps, tools made of metal, bathroom installations, old stone walls, old works, It easily dissolves oils, bird droppings, oxidation, darkening and lime deposits
        without damaging them and slows down aging.



Commercial packaging is in the form of a 1,000 Liter IBC tank.

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No living things were harmed during the development process of our products.

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