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Facing The Reality

 We entered into a new millennium and this fact is not just a simple movement to a higher number in the denomination of the calendar. We need to face the reality of our wrong actions during the last millennium and to make the decision to correct them in the new one; otherwise we are running on the path to our self-destruction.

Everything and every life-stream is interconnected throughout the Creation, so each single breath we take is affecting by its vibration the entire Universe. This means that the destiny of the planet Earth is related with everything surrounding it.

In the same way, any movement in the Cosmos is affecting our life on Earth. Everything is Energy, Free and in constant movement. Each One contains all and is contained within each other, no matter where we it is in the Universe.

That’s why the balance and equilibrium of the Planet Earth is so important. That’s why we are responsible for our actions on the planet, because they are un-balancing the whole Creation. That’s why we must awake to the reality of our existence, taking on the wonderful duty of protecting Life that was given to us to be loved, nourished and expanded.

The planet is in a precarious condition. Many calls had been made urging humanity to reflect on the grave situation we are facing, to meditate on the events taking place and to determine, based on our observations, an appropriate course of action. It is important to appraise the situation, internally as well as externally, and ask oneself if it is possible to continue living on a planet which, due to the chaos blindly generated by the ignorance and unconsciousness of its inhabitants, is on the point of complete collapse.

If we contemplate around us, we will realize how the planet is surrounded by the shadow sustained by the dense energies from wrong thoughts, emotions and actions that are not only polluting the environment but shortening the life span of all life-streams on the planet and cutting back the expression of the Luminous Presence that we potentially are.

Life has been given to mankind as a gift of Love from our Creator, to preserve it, enshrine it and expand it in beauty and peace.

Paradoxically, mankind believes to be free, living at the same time over arsenals of toxic and deadly weapons, contaminating and polluting our planetary home with the technology developed from hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, moment to moment without stopping. Science, technological developments and discoveries have been used to destroy us instead of protecting life and preserving it as Free as it was created.

What sense is there in living to destroy…. in living to damage other systems of Life developing on the planet…. in creating un-balance that affects Life all over the Universe? It makes no sense.

So, realizing that many years ago, we took the responsibility to do our part, first within ourselves and then within our surroundings, joining from the heart with many others all over the world who had also realized this too, each one working on his path. Today, as a result of the personal development and achievement of our duty, AYDO World Projects System is born, as a fulcrum where consciously Cosmic Energy is being poured, as channels for Universal Principles, as an offering to mankind of the opportunity to reverse the damage caused to the physical matter on Earth.

We are presenting a world of solutions that is now at hand, but it needs your awaken consciousness and your actions to be activated and expanded. We already did our part and we continue doing it day by day. Now is your time and your turn to continue the process.

We invite you to stop sleeping… to wake up… and to work hard at the Earth restoration phase! We invite you to feel the emergency and the cry of the Planet and all suffering life-streams in it! Do not allow yourselves to be destroyed. This is our chance to be Free on a beautiful planet plentiful with Peace and Life… Do not let it slip by.

This is our planetary home. This is our one and only complete space ship, where we are traveling throughout the Universe. We must heal it and protect it. Welcome to joining us in this task!!!

Your friends to Love and to protect Life,

AYDO World Projects System






We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk