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Why Water Based Solution

   The properties of water, its characteristics, its structure and vital importance in the evolution of the life in this planet are becoming understood more each day with a deeper knowledge and availability for everyone. Nevertheless, all this valuable information is based on the presumption that we have the perfect water as it was created, but we forget that it is no longer available on the planet, except in very singular cases, which at the end cannot solve the need for water for all life on Earth.

   Many water enhancing technologies have been developed in recent years with good results, but we forget that the water being improved is more or less clean. Then we can ask ourselves: What we will do when the pollution in the water makes it no longer manageable with the devices that mainly work on the energy levels to change and improve the frequency and vibrations in it? What we will do when, after “cleaning” water with all the different methods of purification through chemicals, ultra-violet rays and other artificial means, we realize that it is not alive anymore and thus not able to sustain life? Definitely we completely agree that those efforts are important but they are not enough, since on the physical levels we are facing the main problem. That is where our AyDo™  Water SIW works and offers the permanent solution to our environmental problems. It is a solution that works on physical levels as well as in the energy levels. As soon as the main problem in the physical level is solved, the consequence is that the energy level is increased and the vibration frequency carries life’s information again.

   Researchers have been working to study several characteristics of Mr. Doyuk's AyDo™ Water SIW developments, finding remarkable differences in between the treated matters with his AyDo™ Water SIW and the non-treated matters or simply treated with regular tap water as a witnessing element.

   One example of it is the Crystallographic studies done by the Researcher Marie Françoise Tenson in her laboratory in France using AyDo™ Water in bread and lacteol and tap water as a “witness” on matters of the same kind.

   On Tenson's research, we find remarkable differences at sight in the cases of the matter treated with AyDo™  Water SIW , like the reduction of ageing in the molecules of bread and a reduction of oxidation in the lacteol, as well as the visible pattern of crystallization which show a beautiful organized structure in opposition with the aged and tied structure of the ones treated with tap water.

   But water is not only present in nature. It is also the main element to sustain life in human body as well as in animals. The percentage of water contained in it is more than 75 %. It means, that keeping the right quality water in our cells and in all body fluids, we are keeping a low oxidation rate which is delaying the ageing, our blood is being cleaned constantly having better oxygenation and the levels of energy are increased amazingly. Longer life depends on the healthy body condition and the capability that the body can have, to regenerate itself. It is, the right pH level, the right nutrition (in all senses) and the right regenerating element in it: good water.

Coming back to the behavior of AyDo™ Water SIW technology in its intimate relation with nature, we can say: While the water is being purified, its chaotic molecular structure, formed due to contamination and low energy levels, is transformed into a beautiful perfect crystal structure, becoming once again real healthy and pure water.

Tap water is “unstructured” or
        “chaotically structured"        

AyDo™ Water SIW is exquisitely
structured showing a particular
perfect ordered crystalline pattern

   If the Colloids – particles suspended in a liquid – have all nearly the same diameter and/or same charge, they can self-assemble into crystalline three-dimensional structures, called colloidal crystals. The lattice spacing of these crystals, determined by the diameter and the interaction of the colloid, can be on the order of the wavelength of visible light (a permanent light emission from all biological systems in terms of single photons, indicating a biological quantum phenomenon).

   Thus, the interaction between these crystalline particles (Colloids), and the bio-photons (light emission from a biological living system) can show us through a microscope picture, like those ones taken by Dr. Schweitzer, or the ones taken by Researcher Marie Françoise Tenson what is happening in terms of the structure and optical pattern of the element being observed. At the same time it gives us a demonstration of the energy level present in the observed element, according to the emission of light and the organizational pattern on the colloids. And this energy level is at the same time an indication of the life level in the observed element. Through Dr. Schweitzer studies and observation, he determined that the tap water is TMenergetically and structurally death, but instead our AyDo™ Water SIW is perfectly structured and alive.

   And through Researcher Tenson’s studies and observation she determined that the tap water is not able to sustain life in the elements treated, which were fermented and spoiled in a very short period, showing a chaotic pattern of crystallization. In opposition, the same elements treated with AyDo™ Water SIW were able to remain intact with a perfect crystallized structure during a much longer period. Another aspect that is very important to remark is what happens with blood cells in terms of cellular oxidation, ageing, energy levels, cellular movement and oxygenation. All these patterns indicate a remarkable capability of AyDo™ Water SIW for human consumption to improve the immune system and to accelerate the regeneration process in the body cells, helping the whole system to sustained healthier, clean from toxins and positive ions which are producing the fast oxidation and ageing, and working in balance for a longer life.

   Additional information being supplied by this kind of pictures is showing how AyDo™ Water SIW is a Perfect Energy Conductor. In our formula, the intensity ranges of the bio-photons are high and the interaction with colloids shows up an exquisite crystalline and ordered arrangement. As colloids can be charged and thus interact with long-range forces, this aligned sequential crystal pattern becomes the perfect “wire” for clean and pure energy, with no contaminating electric waves produced by the use of the tight net of electric wires, no contaminating electromagnetic fields and no possibility of any electro-shock or short-circuit. As well as in this experiment where interactions between colloids and bio-photons were registered in a microscopic picture and it gave us a wide range of information about the TMperformance of our AyDo™ Water SIW, also very simple experiments can demonstrate us other properties. For example, when it is mixed with oil and makes a gel, which is becoming fatty acids and amino acids. This gel cannot be trespassed by laser rays, demonstrating his extraordinary capability for confining, guiding and re-routing photons. This opens another wide and interesting field of research and development: Optic. Other very important concept and characteristic to know about Mr. Ayhan Doyuk's invention AyDo™ Water SIW - is that this Solution is a Perfect catalyst. As usual, different substances with different viscosities, different temperatures and different molecular weights cannot be mixed, and acids and bases cannot mix their different phases in between. Chemists ordinarily design organic reactions to be carried out in optimal conditions for the particular reaction in order to produce maximum yields. To do so, it necessarily means that the chemist must be aware of desirable catalyst, whether or not the reaction is reversible, and how to take advantage of equilibrium positions. It means that catalysts are frequently essential for rapid chemical reactions. And exactly that is what our AyDo™ Water SIW is making possible what was not possible before and under any extreme conditions. Now it is possible to TM fuse together usual non-combinable elements, because of the characteristic of the AyDo™ Water SIW of being a heterogeneous, or in contact with, being a catalyst with the capability of absorption and encapsulation remaining unchanged by the reaction. We could say it is the most powerful catalyst, which will play an essential role in life where accelerated reactions, molecular decomposition and transformation are needed, without influencing the equilibrium of the reactions.

   Beside these facts presented above, we usually found that acids and bases - two different classes of chemical compounds - display opposite characteristics, being necessary TMequilibrating elements to make its balance possible. In this case our AyDo™ Water SIW, acts as the Perfect Element which makes possible the stable balance of this two opposite components, generating a constant pH value of 7.0, everywhere our solution is being applied. During the time this process of encapsulation, catalysis and pH balancing is occurring, the process of cleaning and decontamination is being realized. AyDo™ Water SIW products are not only unique formulations. They are the result from different specific adjustments, designed for each individual purpose with AyDo™ Water SIW. This AyDo™ Water SIW gives us the possibility to put all elements, any kind, in one basket and treating them at the same time, and it is permitting us to make an individual solution for each specific problem we need to resolve.

   We are seeing now how many particular properties our formula has in the same element simultaneously, and all of them pointing at the revolutionary change from old scientific paradigms, pointing at a new management and threshold of technologies on Earth. After all these years, today Mr. Ayhan Doyuk can say that he has the knowledge, the research, the experience, the individual systems developed for each case and the specific formulation for each individual system.

   Then, looking at some of the parameters of our solutions and knowing the very simple TM principle of life contained within it, the AyDo™ Water SIW that Mr. Doyuk has developed and is now offered through the AyDo™ World Projects Systems (which includes the individual customization of products for each particular project that will be managed by AyDo™ World Projects Team), is giving us the real possibility to restructure the actual environmental situation on the planet, through a real process of transformation and restoration in all areas of physical matter.

   If we could resume the whole process in one phrase, we would say:

AyDo SIW belongs to the natural cycle of life.

It is part of the process of creation and transformation of Life in the Universe.

For this reason it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and non-harmful to life.

It is a bio-sustainer and it is a bio-transformer.


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There are no spare part,
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